Our Story






In December of 2018, the idea of the 90's R&B Karaoke Pop-Up Concerts stemmed from a single conversation I had with my business partners over lunch. 6 months later, we're creating monthly events where we travel city to city to create a 90's R&B concert experience. It all started with a single idea: create a movement for the ultimate 90's R&B fan.


It's a simple goal, but one that's had a lasting impact on the people that get to experience it. People want to reconnect with those feelings that 90's R&B music gave them, become the 90's R&B superstar they've always dreamt of becoming, connect with other people with the same love for 90's R&B music, and create moments; and they want to do it in an engaging way. Sometimes it feels like R&B music is dying, losing its emotion, and vulnerability. But if I've learned anything from our past 90's R&B Karaoke concerts, it's this; 90's R&B music is the link to bringing out one's emotion and vulnerability... even amongst complete strangers. That's powerful!


I was tired of going to "90's R&B Parties" and they play little to no 90's R&B music mixed with trap music segments. It was clear that the culture needed a party that only catered to those true 90's R&B fans like myself.
Jason M. Gray, Co-Founder/Host/Creative Director